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Fiesta Super Copa


Fiesta Super Copa

August 6 & 7, 2022

Soccer Tournament


Ceres Earthquake FC invites you to apply for our Soccer Tournament to be held at the Ceres Soccer Complex in Ceres, CA on August 6 & 7, 2022.

Premium Trophy Cup Award for Premier Champions! 

This is a US Club Sanctioned Event.  

** Boys and Girls teams U8-U18/U19 (2022/23 Season Age)
** Very high-quality Premium Trophies for Premier Champions (1st place)
** Medals for teams in Final Matches (1st to 2nd place)

Please Note: New for 2022! - U8 Teams will be playing on a 7v7 Field (6 Players and 1 Goalie) for this tournament.

Location: Ceres, California

Format / Details   --   Costs
* U8 – 7v7, 2 x20 min halves   -- $425
* U9-U10 – 7v7, 2x20 min halves   -- $525
* U11-U12 – 9v9, 2x25 min halves  -- $625
* U13-U14 – 11v11, 2x30 min halves  -- $775
* U15-U18/U19 – 11v11, 2x30 min halves  -- $825

Application Deadline: July 22th, 2022
Acceptance notification: by July 23th, 2022 or before

Credentials: Any registration passes are accepted - USYSA, USCS, AYSO, etc.   
We will accept 2021/2022 or 2022/2023 players passes for this event.

Click on the Tournament Registration link below: 


Teams Applied






Past Tournament Information:
2021 Fiesta Super Copa:  Past Results

Fiesta Super Copa - Trophies

Fiesta Super Copa - Trophies


Ceres Earthquake FC Tryouts
2022/2023 Soccer Season 

Specific Team Tryouts:

Earthquakes (2014 Girls) - Mondays/Wednesdays @ 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Field #1B at the Ceres Soccer Complex

Mexico 07 (2007 Boys) - Tuesdays/Thursdays @6:00pm to 8:00pm --- Call Coach Chon at (209) 604-9734

Aftershocks (2006, 2005 and 2004 Girls) - Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Field #1A at the Ceres Soccer Complex


Current Ceres Earthquake FC Teams:

Girls - (Team Name and Birth Year)
Rebels – 2014 [New Team]
Wildcats – 2012
Firestorm – 2010
Ceres 08G – 2008
Aftershocks - 2005

Boys - (Team Name and Birth Year)
MX 15 – 2015 [New Team]
Lobos – 2013 [New Team]
Mamba 12 – 2012
Athletico – 2010
Warriors – 2010
Ceres 08 – 2008
MX 08 – 2008
MX 07 - 2007
Elite 07B – 2007
United – 2007
Republic NPL – 2006
Hotshots – 2005
Elite 04B – 2004

For more information please send an email to Adam Bolaños at or call (209) 446-8136. We will connect you to the right coach for an opportunity to be part of our Club.

Ceres Earthquake FC - Uniforms

New Uniforms for our Club!

Ceres Earthquake FC - New Uniforms

Training Kit

Ceres Earthquake FC - New Training Kits

Ceres Earthquake FC - Come Join Us!

Interested in joining

Our club teams offer great competition, excellent training and low cost for players to enjoy the sport of soccer. Come join our growing family!

Home Soccer Fields are located at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park 3761 E Hatch Rd, Modesto, CA 95351

Our soccer club does not charge any registration fees to tryout and/or join one of our teams. It's a great opportunity to join a competitive team at a low cost to your family. Our club teams compete in NorCal Premier Leagues and US Club Tournaments throughout the year.

We Love Soccer! 

Come and see for yourself what Ceres Earthquake FC has to offer. We have open spots in many of our teams who are looking to add players to their roster.

Join our mailing list:


Tryouts - Ceres Earthquake FC Teams Adding Players

Tryouts 2022/2023 Soccer Season


Our goal is to provide a playing opportunity for players with advanced soccer skills and a desire to play with and against others with similar skills and desires.

We believe that:

  • A primary focus of a successful soccer program should be the individual player and the player’s family.
  • A primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs should be the development of a child as a person first and player second.
  • Individual player development should be a soccer club’s primary focus, with team success a secondary, but important, goal.
  • Those who are exceptions to these views will benefit from involvement in a league that promotes and expects such behavior from its participants.
  • High-level competition with multiple divisions of play, promotion and relegation
  • Players and teams seeking high-level competition should have a place to play.



  • Aftershocks Davis Legacy Champions
  • United Summer Cup Champions
  • Republic NPL CV Surf Champions Cup
  • Mexico 08
  • Atletico
  • Hot Shots NorCal Premier Cup Champions
  • United 07B
  • Mexico 07


Shuga y "El Pelado" Almeida [San Jose Earthquakes - Head Coach]

Adam Bolanos

Ceres Earthquake FC - President

Phone: 209-446-8136