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News: Ceres Earthquake FC

Ages: Girls and Boys born between 2003 - 2014 (U8-U19)

Location:  Various by Individual Teams

If you are not registered with another NorCal club and are interested in joining a Ceres Earthquake FC Team, please send an email to:

Provide the following: Name, Phone Number, Gender and Year of Birth in your email message.

We will get you in touch with the appropriate Ceres Head Coach.


The following Ceres Earthquake Team is looking for Non-Registered players to add to their team:

Team: Ceres Earthquake FC Mexico 08  -   Boys Born in 2008

##Head Coach - Ascencion Hernandez




Tryouts Window Approved by NorCal: Coming Soon!!

Ceres Soccer Teams will be holding individual team tryouts during the time period approved by NorCal.


Our goal is to provide a playing opportunity for players with advanced soccer skills and a desire to play with and against others with similar skills and desires.

We believe that:

  • A primary focus of a successful soccer program should be the individual player and the player’s family.
  • A primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs should be the development of a child as a person first and player second.
  • Individual player development should be a soccer club’s primary focus, with team success a secondary, but important, goal.
  • Those who are exceptions to these views will benefit from involvement in a league that promotes and expects such behavior from its participants.
  • High-level competition with multiple divisions of play, promotion and relegation
  • Players and teams seeking high-level competition should have a place to play.

Ceres Earthquake FC - Join Us!

Interested in joining 

Ceres Earthquake FC!

Our soccer teams are may have additional opening for Non-Registered Players. 

Email your contact information to:

We will put you in contact with the appropriate Ceres Head Coach to get you started.

Our club teams offer great competition, excellent training and low cost for players to enjoy the sport of soccer. Come join our growing family!


Shuga y "El Pelado" Almeida [San Jose Earthquakes - Head Coach]

Adam Bolanos

Ceres Earthquake FC - President

Phone: 209-446-8136